Order Cobra Clean for DPF Filter


Clean Your DPF Overnight

Using Cobra Clean and a plastic bin or barrel, you can clean your DPF filter instead of burning it or replacing it.

15 Gallon price, delivered: $325

If your filter needs to be cleaned, you can soak it over night, and rinse it out, then dry it with a shop vac, and be ready to go. You can even schedule your own PM instead of waiting for the filter to clog.

The 15 gallon drum will safely clean your DPF Filter. If you are able to store the used Cobra Clean you can still clean another 2 DPF filters or DOCs in the same solution, then dispose of properly.

It's a 15 gallon drum, so it's around 140lbs. Find your nearest FedEx Freight location: www.fedexfreight.fedex.com - we will send it there.

Contact us, and we will arrange payment.


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*** If you have a forklift and receiving facilities, we can ship there, but absolutely no residential or small business that isn't set up for a truck delivery. We know you can lift the drum, but our shipping agreements don't allow us to send heavy items to locations without facilities. Find the location: www.fedexfreight.fedex.com


Cobra Clean Ordering Details

Cobra Clean Now Available - 15 Gallon Drum Delivered, Shipping Included, call (210) 842-0703

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