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Got Grease? Got Grime? Got Stains? Got Graffiti?

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Saving School Districts Money and Time - Wash, Rinse, Polish, Wax

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Degreaser Cobra Clean is awesome.

TESTIMONIAL, Jan 28, 2014

Hi Ben,

I just wanted to let you know how well the Cobra Clean worked on a nasty mess that was in my truck bed. I had hauled some Waste Veggie Oil for a friend and some spilled in the bed leaving a mess that was tacky and resistant to normal cleaners. I wanted to prep the bed for some spray in bed liner so I had to finally confront this mess. Well the last thing I tried was the Cobra Clean and that was because it handled it fully!

The Cobra ate that stuff up! It just chewed it up for breakfast! I could not believe how easy and effective it was. It made a miserable mess disappear in short order! The nice thing is that there is no oily residue left after. The Cobra Clean is vicious on greasy grimy stuck on junk that I had thought was permanently bonded to my paint!

Thanks a heap!

Ed Grimm
Chief Technology Officer
Global Hydrogen Technologies

Skribble Skram

Graffiti Remover - Skribble Skram. Graffiti Removal Product.

See the Video Clip taking Sharpie marks off a truck interior.

"Regarding the product itself, what can I say other than a big thank you!!
It really does work! My grill looks new again!"


Spray it with a hand sprayer for small jobs, spray with a pump sprayer for bigger jobs. Watch the grease run off.

Rinse with water, and the remaining surface will be clean as a whistle.

Degrease Aluminum
Clean critical aluminum parts with Cobra Clean. It's not acidic or super caustic.

Steel and Galvanized
Clean grease off of sheet steel and watch it shine. Galvanized too.

RV and Schools
Got gum stuck in that carpet? Got stains you don't know what to do with?

Oxidized Paint Problem?
Bring the color back to your school bus. Cobra Clean is proving to be excellent at restoring the bright school bus yellow. Wash it, rinse it, dry it, and wax it.

Buy it. You will like it, and you will buy it again and again.

fix bus paint oxidation

EMS Vehicle with Exhaust Marks

An EMS unit with exhaust marks

An EMS unit with exhaust marks is now clean

Commercial Sign Post with Hydraulic Oil Stains

Biodegradable Degreaser. Non Acid. Not Caustic. Cobra Clean.


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