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Spray it on, wipe or rinse. No harsh chemicals.

Stainless Steel, Aluminum, ...

Cleaning a grill with Cobra Clean

Grill front.

Spray on.

Wipe off.


Now the grill hood.

Spray on.


Now for the good part.
This is before and after pic's of the back of the gas grill cleaned with Cobra Clean.

Back of Grill Before. This is where grease really gets cooked on!

Spray on Cobra Clean

Little help from a scrub sponge

All done in less than 15 minutes

Ready to fire it up and throw on the Steaks!

NO Toxic fumes to breathe - NO Harsh Chemicals or Acids to worry about - No Hard Work to Clean. Just rinse with water when your done.

We'll get video for you soon.


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